Homage to Justin Alexander Shelter

I don’t know if you guys know about him or not but lemme introduce him to you…

Justin Alexander Shelter, US national is none other but the guy who got lost in the Parvati Valley in mid-September.

I don’t know why but I feel a kind of connection with him and this may sound a little bit odd to you.

I am writing this article as a tribute to him and his love for freedom.

He was a nomad(as he describes himself) ,loved travelling and wanted to medidate.

He was last seen trekking in Parvati Valley on Sept3.

According to his blog Adventures of Justin he met a self proclaimed naga baba on his way to Thakur Kuan whom he found impressive and intersting.

Further he added that he is going with Sadhu for meditation.

Shelter’s porter Singh said that he was instructed to go back but after few days Sadhu returned alone.

During interrogation Sadhu didn’t answer much but committed suicide in lockup which nearly closed all doors for the rescue of Shelter.

Shelter’s friends and mother to rushed to India after collecting funds but returned empty handed.

I found something really striking in Shelter’s persona.


I found a sort of inspiration from him. He didn’t renounce everything but wanted a little space from himself in this world full of materialistic pleasures.

Watching him smile in this pic gives me a sort of pleasure and satisfaction that he is now in the peaceful place where he always wanted to be whether dead or alive.

I wish I could meet him someday and him what a great inspiration he is for me.

His mother when was about to leave for US again sat down and meditated and when she opened her eyes she found an eagle flying high. And this brought smile to her face. You know why??? becoz when Justin was coming to India he got an outline of a flying eagle on his chest.

She says she is happy to be in the place where Justin spent his so-called last days.

I wish I could be there for them and could explain them that he has found his destiny.


Love to all and to him as well.

And I am sorry I won’t write RIP for him because my heart bursts while writing so.

I love you Justin Alexander Shelter. Meet me someday at a place where Earth and sky meet.


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