8 Parallels between Hindu and Greek Mythology

Sharath Komarraju


Ever since I read The Trojan War in Class 6 and a condensed form of The Odyssey in Class 7, I’ve become life-long lover of Greek and Classical mythology. The one thing that strikes me as I dive deeper and deeper into these stories is how similar they are to Hindu myths. After all, the two civilizations shared many traits: they were both polytheistic, they encouraged debate and argument as a form of learning, and they nurtured a rich tradition of storytelling and art.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that our myths are similar. But some of the parallels are so striking that one cannot help but wonder whether maybe, just maybe, these stories came down from a common ancestor before they branched out into their respective versions. I’m not a historian, so I cannot say for sure, but sample these and make up your own minds.

There are three main Gods

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