Are you Guilty???

“Guilt isn’t always a rational thing…… Guilt is a weight that will crush you whether you deserve it or not.” – Maureen Johnson

We all know that now-a-days we are living in such a lifestyle which has no barriers. Our lifestyle has got an in-built revolt.

We feel terrible whenever we are stopped from doing something.

Hamare andar ka Mangal Pandey Jag Jata h.

But what if our actions end up into a guilt for lifetime.

We are Humans and we tend to commit mistakes. It is human nature. It seriously doesn’t mean that I am acknowledging this fact.

Feeling guilt for certain mistakes ensures that we definitely won’t commit it again but what if it persists for a long time and we feel burdened?

Feeling guilt or shame is a natural process and is necessary for our inner progress.

But feeling it for a long time can seriously lead to dangerous situations like depression and suicidal tendencies.

I have also gone through this mental trauma and I would like share my experience with you so that it can prove helpful to humanity….

In my disturbed teenage I certainly felt the need of aazadi(freedom)  like every average teenage wants.

I craved for parties, night outs, slumbers and all I seriously wanted was to be with friends.

But this excitement often led me towards lying to my parents. And later this developed a huge sense of guilt which was inevitable.

I went on drowning and drowning even after telling my parents everything. They kept telling me that this was a normal thing in teenage and appreciated my guts for telling them the truth my still I was not able to overcome it.

I felt like I was in trap and I am carrying a huge burden. This feeling affected my academics a lot and didn’t perform well in high school

I felt scared, helpless and miserable. I cried every night and was reluctant to wake up fresh in the mornings.

I exactly did’t know why this was happening to me but I was depressed. I always felt that I have done a huge crime like murdering someone.

But after talking to my parents and friend again and again I felt relieved and I started moving on and started concentrating towards studies.

I topped my college in my first year and then I realized that one has to help himself/herself. I felt that if I had not changed then still I might have been the same lazy and depressed child burdened with useless guilt.

This is just one example people feel guilty because of a lot of reasons but if the guilt persists even after discussing it then there is a problem.

One must seriously realize the fact that targeting yourself unnecessary won’t help. If people are not forgiving you despite your serious attempts then that is their problem not yours.

C’mon you must understand that you have realized your mistake and you wont commit it again thats it.

Unnecessary don’t bother about useless thing and focus your mind towards something productive.

Always stay true to your family and loved ones and others do matter but not that much. and this is a personal view and may not apply to you.

Hope this article helps..

Love 🙂



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