5 Tips and Tricks for Positive Vibes…..

Hello my Angels,

It is very easy to say that one must be positive. But negative situations are also a part and parcel of our lives so how can we counter them?

Learning the power of positive thinking helps us to stay positive even in our worst times. It is also very necessary for our mental health to stay calm and positive.

Here are my 5 tips and tricks which are learnt and developed during my teenage….

1. Have supportive Friend Circle.

It is really important to have a positive and supportive friend circle. You must definitely dismiss all those so-called friends who are always jealous of you, who always make you feel inferior.

Dismiss all those people who hurt you, abuse you, make you feel cry because no one has given them right to do so. They will always try to bring you down and that could be your partner too.

Get around positive people who encourage you to do productive work rather than show you a wrong track.



2. Practise Self-Care and be Productive

Take good care of yourself and you will be more equipped to think positively. Get plenty of rest and try managing your stress. While practising self care you will also develop self love which is the key of confidence.

Work on yourself. Try engaging yourself in goal oriented thoughts. This will make your future’s perspective more sharp and clear.

Turn your mind towards productive thoughts will remove all negativities from your mind and will help you in taking better decisions

3. Meditate and Exercise.

We know exercise is good for our body but what about our mind?

Meditation and yoga releases endorphins in our brain which makes us feel better. Doing yoga will help you get a good shape and will boost your self esteem. Rising early in the morning and doing meditation and yoga will lighten our mind as well as body. Inhaling fresh air early morning will brighten your day.

Exercise is a best way to fight negative effects of bad situation.


4. Accept and find Solutions.

Most of us are resistant to changes in our lives. What we learn to accept that changes will happen. Haven’t you heard that “the only thing constant in life is change.”

Accepting that changes are a part of life can help us to relax and be more accepting.

If you are in a bad job, accept and try to make it better or maybe it is call to find your dream job.

If you are in a bad or abusive relation, let that person go. Even though if it hurts you, you must embrace the change. You can’t keep someone forcefully in a relation. Let’em go.



5. Train and Conquer your mind.

Remember we are made to rule on our mind not vice versa. Learn to make yourself strong. Practise a disciplined life and you will feel that positivity is surrounding you.

Practice to ignore negative thoughts and energies. Start your day with a positive thought.

Always remember that no one can defeat you unless you accept your defeat.


Tragic things happen in each and every one’s life. Some lose their loved ones but once our brain is trained on how to stay positive in negative situation, even tragedies won’t destroyed us.

With the power of positive thinking, we can learn to put negative situations in perspective….and to deal with them as they arise.

I hope it helped you 🙂

God bless one and all..

Love..xoxo 🙂


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