Pakistan In Anesthesia After Surgery…

After backstabbing India By Uri Attack which took lives of  India’s 18 Brave soldiers of Bihar Regiment, Pak seems in drowsiness.

Indians were fed up of Pak’s  statements regarding Uri attack. This was not first time when Pak asked for proof and promised a fake inquiry. Regarding Pathankot and 26/11  Pak’s mindset was same.

Yaar! Even animals learn from their mistakes but Pakistan is worse then them. It seems reluctant to learn from its mistakes.



Mr. Nawaz Sharif  must not forget that dreadful day when 141 people including 132 children were killed in Peshawar Massacre by Tehrik-e-Taliban.

There were millions in India too who cried over the death of those innocent kids. Shame Shame and a huge shame on Pakistan administration who still make Pak a safe haven for terrorists.

Is this what Islam teaches us???? Killing innocent children mercilessly?

No, I am really sorry Mr. Nawaz you are wrong. Islam is a religion of love and peace. There is no place of violence in Islam.

From decades Pakistan is giving shelter to the terrorists and calls itself innocent. It is transporting terror not only to its neighboring countries but throughout the world.

For this Pakistani people must come together and fight against their administration and terrorism prevailing them.

The administration must focus their mind on economic progress, education, and inhumanities going in Baluchistan.

Kashmir vs Baluchistan

Kashmir: Being the most sensitive part of India, Kashmir is always an attraction for controversies since Independence and Partition of India and Pak. Demands for Aazadi are sprawling in the valley since a very long time.

The youth of Kashmir is suffering from serious identity crisis and all thanks to Pakistan’s Prime Minister in disguise “Hafiz Sayeed”.

The unemployed youth of Kashmir is loosing its track just because he is getting cash from Pakistan for pelleting stones at Armed Forces.

People of Kashmir and Pakistan  must understand that their so called Sharifs – Nawaz and Raheel are not at all concerned about Pak’s integrity but all they are concerned about is their own interests and US $ in their accounts in the swiz bank.

One must pay a look that how insane these people are that they are paying the youth of Kashmir for shouting slogans against India- their own motherland.




The separatists of Kashmir are confusing the youth. The separatists live in India, fill their bloody stomachs with grains sown in India, get security from Indian Forces and still bark against India. Hafeez Sayeed and other men doing this business must too understand that-

Jo Kafir apne desh ka na hua vo tumhara kya hoga.

Minors in Kashmir are throwing stones at police. Are they so mature enough that they understand the real meaning of Aazadi?

Newspapers are flooding with the news of people who are wounded by pellet guns but what about those brave ones who are injured becoz of their stones.

Baluchistan: It is a province of Pakistan ad was annexed by Pakistan’s army forcefully and Baloch people are demanded freedom from Pakistan since then.

Why do they want freedom?  It is because of the inhumane behavior done by Pakistani Army on Balochis. Their wives and daughters are raped. They are murdered in large numbers. They are not getting their fundamental rights.

Akbar Bugti, a baloch leader ang grandfather of Brahmdagh Bugti was killed by poisoning him with poisonous gas.522373-pak-balochistan.jpg

Baloch leaders are enthusiatically  protesting against Pak’s  Na Pak  atrocities in Baluchistan.


After the Uri attack the tolerance of Indians had crossed the threshold and our PM Mr. Narendera Modi ordered surgical strikes on Pak-occupied-Kashmir. Para commandos raided the terrorist camps causing high causalities on the latter side.

This was indeed a moment of celebration throughout India and was appreciated by US, UK, France and Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s Stand On Surgical Strikes– There were differences in the statements of Nawaz and Raheel and later they both stated that they would take revenge of this.

Revenge of what?? Nawaz!!! Death of your shitty! terrorists.

Hahaha! 😉 this proves the eagerness of Pak authorities in safegaurd of terrorists.

Pakistan is shouting that they have Nuclear Weapons and they will destroy India.

Somebody plzz tell those nincompoops that-

Ye baccho k khelene ki cheez nahi”

The technology on which they are boosting is a result of major theft done by a so called Pak. Scientist.

Pakistan is living on the mercy of China and they must know that-

China ka maal Chaaalu Quality ka hota h”

After the strikes Nawaz is in Silent mode and holding meeting for security reasons.

Well war is not a good idea but if Pakistan keeps doing this mischievous stuff claiming lives of our soldiers then it must get get ready for the consequence.

Kya hoga anjaam iska tumhe ab anumaan nhi hoga,

Dharti ke maanchitra pr tumhara naam-o-nishaan nhi hoga,

Kashmir to hoga lekin Pakistan nhi hoga.”


INDIA’S PAKISTAN DIPLOMACY– India wants peace and has always followed the principle of cease fire. It wants friendship with Pak and has forgotten a lot of Pak’s  misdeeds but ow India vows to never low down its head in front of terrorism.

“Dudh mangoge Kheer denge,


Kashmir mangoge to cheer denge.

Jai Hind!

Jai Hind Ki Sena!

Vande Matram!

Hail India!

“Vaisudhev Kutumbkam”


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