Confidence with Acne…..

Hello my angel….

A very good afternoon. Now this post is something you can seriously relate to.

It is the most teenage relevant topic and some are really struggling to deal with it and this post can prove helpful to you.

If you take my experience on this then it goes on like this:

While being in teenage I had to deal with acne and those were really tough times. I hated going to high school. I always wanted a thick layer of make up to cover that shitty! acne.

After every 1 or 2 weeks while looking at the mirror in early mornings a shrill cry used to surround my house and that was due to a newly born acne…  And that definitely sounds familiar to your situation ….

But here you need to notice something that I being an adult still suffer from minor acne but now I don’t need makeup because I have now got confidence to walk with my chin up even though I have acne..

Now if you are too interested in gaining confidence with any problem not just acne or any scar then here we go…

Now lets go back at time you were born. If you are born on earth and not on mars then you must be having parents too. Look this is so beautiful that you are a true amalgamation of those two beautiful people. Imagine how beautiful you are.

Now how can you hate your self and any of your part????

I am not saying that don’t treat your acne or just flaunt them or let them get worse as they are one of your parts 🙂 🙂

All I am trying to say is  that why to get ashamed of them? Why to feel depressed becoz of them. Stop feeling inferior  just becoz you have acne.

You know what tell those nincompoops :0 who point their fingers at you that getting an acne means you are alive. Your are getting matured. Changes are taking place in your body.

Your body is adventurous and it wants something different. It is as simple as that…..

No need to be shy becoz of a pea sized acne. It cannot cover up your charming personality until you accept your defeat over it.

Look in the eyes of people while talking. Show them that you are a rock and nothing can demotivate you. You will be determined to your confidence and no one has right to move that until you give them the permission by getting affected from their silly, meaningless comments.

Feel happy as your skin is not boring like the ones with clear skin… Always the same 🙂 😉

Now meanwhile deal with your acne. Find reasons for it and work on them.

Drink lots of water and keep your skin clean.

Properly cleanse your skin before going to bed.

According to my experiences don’t use any night cream unless they are really working for you. In my opinion cleanse your skin properly at night and let is breath overnight..

Use comedogenic moisturizers. You can use coconut oil as well. It is really good for your skin.





Go for face mapping. Understand the reason behind the breakouts.

Visit a good dermatologist.

And lastly don’t feel low becoz of them. Treat them. But don’t let them suppress you…

Hope you got a spark…:*

Feel free to like, comment and share. It would be really honoring and overwhelming for me. Suggestions are always welcome.

Love :*


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