A talk about Friends…..

Friends ummm…. the word seems so inevitable. Right???

OK… If you feel that you are in a really good circle then you must escape this post but if you are going through a troubled friendship then this might seriously help!!!

Moving out from my native place and going to a metropolis for studies and adjusting everything on my own gave me some serious lesson of life. My major reason to write a blog was only this.

Now let’s talk about the topic… Look making friends is not that tough the only thing you need is to approach them, talk to them, find some similar interest, hangin out li’l and you are done.

Now the real thing. If you are from the ones who want to be the most popular in their high school or college then plzz run out from this post as you might not like what i am going to write.


My experiences say that one must be close to as minimal people as one can get. It has multiple advantages and the biggest one being that there will be less people who know your secrets and chances of them coming out become almost negligible.

Next benefit you can understand as…… Imagine all your friends as dominoes  which are arranged as a 3D piece, example a pyramid. Now if there are more dominoes there is more chance of instability and more chance of piece getting shattered but if there are less dominoes your piece will be more stable..

What I feel is why we are always in hurry of getting things into our lives?

One must give time to life. The ones who are meant to be in our lives will definitely come in our lives but give life sometime..

Don’t unnecessarily force people to be with you….  Just relaxxx

If you will invite unnecessary people they will definitely harsh your mellow cause they have no reason to be with you.

Everyone comes with a purpose in your life so let ’em come themselves. Let life show its creativity.

And remember you can’t force someone to stay in your life. If they wish to leave let them leave may be their reason for being in your life is completed.

I had a great circle of my girlfriends and I was among popular girls of my college. But life is not what we expect it to be. It is not a course which will complete all your wishes. Your have to be strong and just enjoy the game along with Netflix 🙂

Hope it will help you to be more strong…

Love you… xoxo


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