Confidence knocking at your door….

Hola! Friend….

You know today what is the most burning topic with which the world is struggling. It is the lack of confidence.

Developing a sense of confidence is not a talent or a real hard work, it is a mere sense of self worth and can be easily developed with time.

What I have noticed through my personal experiences is that- The major problem is we take our lives for granted and fall in the trap of low self confidence.

C’mon guys! why do you always find faults in your lives? Why can’t we focus on beautiful things around us.



The most important thing on which we need to focus is that we are alive, no matter what had happened to us , we have come out of that as hero and we will keep doing that.

A lot of wrong things happen in our lives like we are dumped by our boyfriend/girlfriend, we are cheated on, we fail in tests, we loose at ground, we are not up-to the marks.But always remember this is the real life Baby!

Life is just like an opponent player in a boxing match. Each and every time it tries to knock you down with a bad experience but instead of loosing and accepting our defeat we have to stand up for a second round and win against the odds.

Look! the most appropriate thought is maybe you have struggled a lot, maybe a lot of bad things have happened to you but one thing is proven that you are still alive. [as you are right now reading the article 😉 ]




And as you are still alive it is again proven that you are a hero, a warrior as you are still surviving and fighting against the odds.

C’mon you can’t give up so soon. This is your life, you are its leader. Boost yourself up for another round. You are a beautiful creation of God. Don’t waste yourself in useless things and thoughts.

Stand up! fight for yourself!  fight for your life!  Fight for a BIGGER reason!  Fight to be an inspiration for others.




You are the best and will be the best till you have the spark of confidence in you. No one can take that away from you until you give up.

You are unique, don’t compare yourself to others. You are here for a different reason- Make your life and lives of people around you beautiful. Become a beautiful human being, a good daughter/son, a good friend, a good citizen. 

Become the definition of success and expertise. Don’t waste your energy in comparison, regrets, guilt, thoughts of failure. You are the best and an energetic soul!




You can nail it! BABE!

It is your life! your BODY! own it with pride….with head held high……without fears

You are awesome and I love you as my counter survivor.

And I mean it…. believe me.

God bless one and all…..

If you are struggling through any thing which is becoming a hurdle in your success and you want a solution or discussion on it, feel free to comment……

Thank you….






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