One life


Welcome to Vashishth. It is the blog which will quench your thirst for Mental peace and happiness.

A lot of people have gone through the trauma of bullying and many are still struggling from it, if you are one of them then this blog is for you.

Many of us have committed such mistakes for which we regret but with time if we don’t get over that, that regret becomes nostalgia and our past starts completely draping our present. Here is where the problem persists. If you are struggling with this then this blog is for you.

Another major link to low mental peace is lack of confidence. If you feel uncomfortable or awkward in public. If you feel afraid to try something when surrounded with people, if something is holding you back from sharing your opinion or smart ideas. Then Baby! this one’s for you.

Happiness is the major link to all streams or channels leading to peace or calmness in your lives. Make your life worth living.

Make your life KING size.

Almighty! has bestowed you with a life….. make that life your most beautiful creation.

Be a success in yourself.

Be FIRE, be an unstoppable RIVER  gushing and chipping down the mountain.


Be an INSPIRATION to others…..


Your time starts NOW….


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